FYT in Scotland - a brief history

About these pages

Jean Findlater

Bob Johnston

The purpose of this small web site is simply to capture some of the history of FYT in Scotland, particularly from 1970-2000.

The information on these pages has been put together by Jean Findlater and Bob Johnston, with the original idea for this "history" coming from Jean recognising that 2014 was the 50th anniverary of FYT.

Jean first got involved in the work of FYT in 1967, and she was a member of the FYT Scottish Committee from its first meeting in January 1971.

Bob's FYT involvement started in 1972 when he was invited onto the committee, and he was employed as FYT Scottish Development Officer from 1979 to 1989.

Also involved in the site's production is Ian Milligan. Ian was a member of the FYT Scottish Committee (from 1978), and a leader at FYT Camps.

The material comes from the following sources...

Our thanks to Lorna Chapman (left) for many of the photographs. And to Margaret Hunter also for photographs.

Please note that these are not "official" FYT web pages.

We are hoping that as people look at this material they will get involved in commenting on it, adding to it etc.

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