FYT in Scotland - a brief history


Over the years FYT in Scotland produced a range of publications. These have included newsletters, youth worker guides, theological articles, and leaflets for young people.

Here is a little bit of information about some of these publications:

FYT Scottish News
This newsletter was produced on a fairly regular basis particularly from 1991 to 1998 when it was edited by Margaret Hunter and later by Feri Salvesen. There was often a theme in each issue, for example
November 1986 - Solvent abuse
Issue 3 of 1994 - What is a family?
Issue 1 of 1994 - Young people and work
Issue 1 of 1995 - Expanding horizons
Issue 2 of 1997 - Changing times, changing youth work
Issue 2 of 1998 - Young people on the edge
Issue 3 of 1998 - Giving young people a voice
   A list of the issues of FYT Scottish News we have (with information on some of the content).
   Some articles from FYT Scottish News which you may wish to read.

Towards a Theology of Frontier Youth Work by Allan Pettie
16 page A5 booklet. (This material first appeared in FYT Scottish News in 1992 & 1993.)
read this materialPDF

Ace Magazine
A glossy full-colour A4 magazine for young people, produced and edited by Graham Aitken and Margaret Hunter. There were two issues. 1990 and 1991. A joint production of FYT and the Glasgow Presbytery Youth Office.

Upside Down World

A small booklet for young people based on a playing cards theme.
Produced by Craig Smillie and Ian Turbitt

The Day Something Papers
Papers from a conference in January 1976 run in association with FYT. Held at Glasgow University. Includes articles by Alastair McIndoe, Ronnie McIlquham (EvangelismPDF) Ian Milligan (Loving yourselfPDF) , Chris McIlquham (The oppressedPDF) , and John Bowditch.

Camp leaders' training materials
A Camp Leaders Handbook, and other materials for camps was produced.

Leaflets for young people
  - on the basics of christian belief, with drawings by Sammy Horner
Work It Out - What Christians Believe by Bob Johnston
Go For It - Becoming a Follower of Jesus by Bob Johnston
Stick With It - You're a Christian, What Now? by Muriel Pearson

Introductory leaflets - A Basic Guide for Youth Workers - series 4 pages
Changing the World
Young People and Unemployment
Expanding Horizons
Non-competitive Activities
Taking Care

Scottish Youth Workers on the edge

by Matt Hall
a participative/action research report, 19 pages, 2002

A seven page Executive SummaryPDF of the report is available.